msinfinitely said: I'll be at the Starbucks next to Target/Marshalls/Home Depot,etc at around noon-thirty or 1? Is that alright?

Actually, no. Something has happened and I have to help someone out tomorrow.. :/
Sorry, girl.


Anonymous said: What is it like to be in love?

It’s a whirlwind. And it’s such a fragile thing.
If you ever have the privilege of meeting the love of your life, HOLD ON TIGHTLY. Do what you can to nurture and protect that love- because real love, the kind that makes you feel, only comes once.


Anonymous said: You're very beautiful.... That's something I think you should know...

… O.o


The most miraculous thing…

would be for you to show up at midnight,
and gift me with a kiss.

It wouldn’t even have to mean anything. It wouldn’t have to be a promising kiss or an, “I’ll be with you again someday.” Kiss.

Just a kiss to know that I was on your mind, too. That you missed me, too.
That you thought me as the ball fell, and came to remind me you were still out there….


msinfinitely said: Hey! So I know you wanted me to message you and I did but I didn't know what to say and I still don't. Anyways, as a total non-commital thingy, if you would like to (total no obligation) we could get some coffee as a peace offering before I leave? Or we can just chill and drink some coffee because it's boss. Let me know! :)

Actually, that sounds really great :)
Are you free Thursday?


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“Was the Devil in the bathroom with you?
Were his hands on the razor?
Was he drawing on your wrists?
Did you see God?
I want to know
I want to know where your soul is
What was it like when you took flight?” Rearview Memories; To Speak of Wolves (via takeprideinprovision)

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“I wrapped that sorrow up tight, like a noose around my neck, stood tall on a flimsy card table, and kicked it out from underneath my legs”

levi Mcallister

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When she finds those magazines underneath her husbands side of the bed
She’ll stand naked in front of the mirror for hours
Like, what did you expect?
Bang dumb blondes, sexy singles, and busty brunettes
I must not be as beautiful as that advertising says.

Excuse me, Miss, I uh, I saw your poster recently
I read your ad in one of Playboy’s latest magazines
Actually, I fed pretty much every need
That I believe photography could feed me.

But if you could believe me,
I hate it
You’re worth more than my brief moment of orgasm when I allow my mind to deceive me
And look, I’d like to be an open book
It’s hard to admit how I took advantage of the desires God gave me
But I am not gonna sugar coat this
I feel hopeless
Trapped in brokeness
Like I’m lost before I ever started racing

I know as well as anybody
This is a difficult topic to be facing
A difficult confession for me to be making,
But I’m stating
That when God started
The moulding, shaping, and creating
You were not designed to be the objects that men look at while masturbating.

Baby, never forget that you were made for relating,
I’m sick of failing at learning exactly what it is I’m saying
And I apologize
The weight of young, distorted, ruined lives my compromise in the self gratified distortion of Gods design is sometimes too much for me to bear.

But I feed that indecency
Is gonna slide that magazine across the counter
And do it quietly
I’m gonna shy my face away so the cashier can’t see that it’s me.
“Is that gonna be all for you today, sir?”
Yes ma’am, I’d like to pay to become the opposite of what I want to be.

I sure waited, dedicated the CD experience God had planned for me in the beginning
I am not patient enough to not give in to every sin forbidden to the heart to men
I’m not patient enough not to give in.
There I go again,
You know, I just apologized five minutes ago
And that, that was after repenting for last night this morning.
God, come on! What’s going on? I’m sick of this.
Somebody put some clothes on
You’re better than this.
Gods most beautiful creation
And I’m sitting here
Euphoric like I have the right to destroy it just ‘cause I don’t have enough dedication
To build a relationship with the one that can free me.
So I resort to suffocation of my very foundations
While claimin’ that I’m strivin’ to meet the expectations of purity.

Jesus, keep reassuring me
I yearn for covenanted eyes like Jobs
Who detour their glances
Stares at the computer screen.
Like the images dancin’ across my pupils are as lifeless as the LED piercing the darkness that I grovel in.
In my living room.
While my wife lays in my bed in the next room, asleep.

You are the only one that can redeem the years the locusts have stolen from me.
The years I’ve let them feed.
Jesus, I know you love me and you’re gonna have to be my strength
Keep reassuring her.
The one in the centerfold
The picture I’ll remember until I grow old
She is human.

You are human.
You are bought and sold to a million empty souls
Feelin’ so hopeless
That they’ll do anything to fill that hole.
I apologize.
Please, believe it’s true.
I never meant to hurt you.

Pretty in Pornography - Levi The Poet (via charlieswhore)

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I love this guy so much. He is such an inspiration.


I love this guy so much. He is such an inspiration.


he . is . amazing .<3


he . is . amazing .<3


Been waiting for a dream to seep in through my blinds - This time by Jonathan Rhys Meyers


Been waiting for a dream to seep in through my blinds - This time by Jonathan Rhys Meyers

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